Mulberry & Thyme Hair Care Maintenance

Hair Care Maintenance

For all hair types men/women

In order to maintain healthy, strong, vibrant hair you need to ensure that you regularly have your haircut at least every 6 weeks, but no more than every 8 weeks.

This may be shorter depending on the length of your hair and the style you wish to achieve and maintain. We would recommend exactly the same interval times for people with colored hair, as any longer could possibly result in major fading or a bigger, costlier service being needed to rectify. These time periods will also assist in cutting down the cost and will prevent any additional damage from occurring.

Having professional hair treatments applied between the 6-8 week hair services, whether that be an intensive conditioning treatment (which will aid to lock in moisture, protect the colour from fading and/or prevent further damage) or maybe a glossing treatment (that will add shine and can also enhance colour vibrancy and longevity) will also aid in the long term health of your hair and its colour and style.

Any colour service, including additional treatments, always requires a 48 hour skin test prior to hair appointment. Many clients refuse this and so have treatments carried out at their own risk. Any reputable hair technician will offer this free service in order to ensure that every client receives the very best outcome possible.

Having your hair the color and style that you wish for is not a cheap or money-saving addition to your overall look and grooming regime and so we would say “you invest a lot of time and money into your hair, so why not look after it? Box colors, supermarket products, etc. (basically any product that is not professionally used) do absolutely nothing for your hair in the long term. They are fancily packaged and expertly marketed and will help you for a one night/weekend, short term fix, but in general they strip any goodness out of your hair, leaving it more expensive and more difficult to correct later.

We strongly advise you to use professional hair care products and colour.

At home we recommend using the correct professional hair care products i.e. shampoo and conditioner- this will benefit your hair and style depending on your needs. It will also help you when styling your hair and give you long term benefits to create a desired look that is right for you.

Using custom hair styling products that have been advised to you will maintain the style and will help finish your style after shampooing. These are important because if you are not using the correct products they could weigh the hair down or even create damage, plus more maintenance requirements for the hair.

When combing or brushing your hair, while it is wet and prior to applying any heat styling tools, it is advisable that you use a wide-tooth comb or brush; starting from the ends and working your way back towards the roots. The reality of this is that you comb or brush starting at the ends and then choosing a new position each time, moving back towards the roots each time and combing outwardly, towards the ends.

When styling hair at home, always be sure to set your equipment to the correct temperatures, so as to NOT over-heat and burn your hair. Always use the correct tool and don’t improvise by altering the correct use of any of your heat-treating equipment. This is both ineffectual and dangerous.

When drying your hair always use a higher temperature setting in order to rough dry. This should be carried out until your hair is approximately 70% dry, whereby the heat should be lowered to a medium heat. A styling brush can now be used in conjunction with the drier to create a shape. Once you have obtained the shape you want, you should now drop the temperature again to a low temperature or a cool heat, which will help to set the hair into position and also add shine. Remember to keep the hairdryer a good distance from your hair and head, or you run the risk of causing breakages.

Depending on the particular hair type and style will also depend on the type of brushes and/or heated tools which should be used to achieve that style.

Brushing your hair everyday is very important as we shed hair all day and one of the biggest concerns is that guests feel they are loosing more hair than usual and this is because they are not brushing their hair. What happens is the hair that we shed gets caught up in the rest of our hair and then when brushed you feel that you are loosing more hair, which in fact is normal its just that it hasn’t been brushed regularly enough.

Make sure that you brush your hair before you go to bed and make sure that you do not sleep with wet hair on a regular basis, as this can cause bacteria issues on the scalp and lead to long term damage.

Do not go to sleep with hair in a knot, bun or ponytail as this can cause breakage to the hair.

Most people are concerned about washing their hair daily; this is not an issue if using the correct professional products, i.e. Davines.

Also, using the correct shampoo and conditioner will protect hair from daily exposure to pollution and sunlight.

We always recommended using an intensive conditioning treatment, at least once a week, to make sure that the hair gets regular moisture boosts.

When on holiday it is very likely that you will be exposed to strong, direct, sunlight and so you should always cover your hair by wearing a hat or hair scarf to prevent any damage to your hair, possibly fading any color that has been applied. Using our sun care range , firstly, in the form of a veil, which is used exactly the same way as you would a suntan lotion; also applied the same way and at the same intervals, will protect your hair and its color from UV rays. Secondly, and in much the same way when you come out of the sun, an after-sun shampoo and hair masque can be used. These act as a barrier to protect your hair, by removing any build-up from chlorine or salt from swimming and the masque will protect against the over-exposure by locking in moisture that may have been lost from any ultra-violet damage.

Medication, diet and hormones can effect the hair and the way it grows or sheds, it can even effect how the color adheres to the hair, these are all things to consider if having any problems or difficulties.

Always booking for a hair consultation with a professional is important, as it will help you and your stylist to come up with a hair plan that is right for you. It will also get you to know your stylist and for them to know a little more about your hair and personality. It helps to choose the correct style and color for you and they will be able to skin test you, to make sure you are safe to go ahead with any colour service.