About Mulberry & Thyme / Carly

Carly Richardson Owner

Carly’s priority at mulberry & thyme is to make sure that all her clients leave feeling happy and comfortable about their hair and themselves. She has always had a passion for all things artistic and creative and decided to start her career from a young age,

Carly has worked hands on and alongside world famous Daniel Galvin. Also trained in the Vidal Sassoon academy, she always strives for more learning and will always keep updated on new trends that approach the industry, therefore has furthered her skills with barbering, hair-up, creative colour, and worked with a wide range of colour brands.

Being a very ambitious lady she wanted to take her skills with her to work on board a cruise ship, where she met a variety of many different people from around the world, with many different skills, so that she could bring this experience home, and guide individuals of the experience she learnt along the way. Her belief isn’t that we just have a haircut, but that our individual personality shows through in the way you wear your hair, and every importance of face shape to colour, to bone structure, is unique to you personally.